Kalymnos 2010 - Trip Report 6 (Grande Grotta rematch)

So, you might remember from the other day that we had a score to settle. There were a few things on the agenda and the crew was rather psyched. Psyched enough to get up earlier (ugh!) and walk up the hill to be the first ones at the crag for our pick of the routes. Get the photographer in position, things are about to start...

Match up's for the day

Glenn vs Trella 40m 7a
Matt vs Ivi 18m 7b
Owen vs DNA 20m 7a+
**Title fight in the main arena**
Susy vs Trella 40m 7a

Glenn was up first on Trella. After a few knocks early, he pushed through, only to be knocked out in the fifth round. During the fall he jarred his knee which then began to seize up. After going through to the anchors, he retired hurt - to assume the role of belayer/photog/heckler.

Matt (aka Slab King, Coolum Kid, Kneebar Kid, Little Cactus) decided he'd conserve energy and bolt to bolt his first shot on Ivi. This ensured he had more than enough juice in the tank on the second shot to knock Ivi out, and add it to his scorecard.

I don't know why anyone would have assumed differently, but the Owen vs DNA fight was totally rigged. The slab man looked cool as a cucumber on the 40 degree overhanging route and DNA didn't seem to put up much of a fight at all.

It was at this stage when a nice French family walked up to the crag. Mum, Dad and two boys, 11 and 6. The 11 year old promptly fired off DNA and Ivi while the 6 year old ran around snapping photos for the sponsors with a giant Pentax SLR. After putting the camera down, the 6 year old toproped DNA to clean the gear. The 11 year old then moved on to Aegialis 7c.
Owen: "Well, I know I'm better than a 6 year old French kid, but not as good as an 11 year old French kid. I think I'm about 8 and a half."

But now the main event. In the blue corner, weighing in at 7a and some tens of thousands of kilos... TRELLA!! And in the pink corner weighing in at some number of kilos which cannot be disclosed due to fear and possible litigation... SUSY G!! This my friends was a battle royale. There was no love lost between these old foes. Susy had been on Trella on the 2008 camp and had fallen high on the route. She'd been on it the other day and had a battle. The rematch was today and we'd all gathered to see the result. Long story short, she got knocked out in the first round several times, but then in the second round she got her second wind and climbed all the way to within metres of the anchor before looking very shaky and out of sorts. A herculean effort was expended, and she fought tooth and nail to clip the anchors. It was a huge relief for the onlookers and we couldn't wipe the grim and bloody smile off her face all afternoon. Still feeling adrenalized, she raced around the corner to Afternoon sector and farewelled the nails slab Bye Bye Doc 6c from her dog list.

Other efforts included Glenn and Sheree's clean ascents of the pumpy anti-crack Carpe Diem 6b, my close onsight of the nearly 50m long Joggle & Toggle Extension 7b+, French local guide Simon's 1.5 hour epic onsight attempt of Priapos Extension 8a/+ where he fell within a handful of metres of the top, and various slabbings from 4-6 at Afternoon.

After the battles of the day, the victors were rewarded with chocolate milkshakes, the losers consoled with icepacks. We wrapped up the day with a team viewing of the latest episode of Survivor.

Coming up next... Odyssey rematch!