Upskill Climbing Camp Archive


Our super popular climbing camps ran between 2008 and 2011 at a selection of amazing crags all over the world. We loved running these camps. To do them right however, they take immense time and energy, and we're not quite sure if and when we may do another camp.

In the meantime, browse and reminisce on our 8 amazing camps below...



Trip reports | Photo gallery | Trip video


Trip reports | Photo gallery | Trip video


Trip reports | Photo gallery | Trip video


Trip reports | Photo gallery | Trip video


Trip reports | Photo gallery | Trip video


Trip reports | Photo gallery | Trip video


Trip reports | Photo gallery | Trip video


Trip reports | Photo gallery | Trip video 


Kalymnos 2011

  • "Best thing: I learnt how to redpoint properly and saw actual improvement in my climbing and mental ability. Can't wait to use it back home.
  • "I actively took what I learnt from our video analysis, and applied it and it was immensely satisfying. It felt like it was no accident, it was a deliberate mental application of things learnt."
  • "The location was great, the climbing fantastic, the people great fun to be with. What more could I ask for?"
  •  "The coaching, and style of coaching exceeded my expectations."

Rodellar 2010

  • "I went from falling on 18s to onsighting 23s, so I'm pretty happy!"
  • "Yes still blows me away what a big difference the camp made.
    Definitely getting better at staying calm when pumped..."
  • "I guess the highlight since getting back is... I don't yell take as much and just take the fall (well mostly :p). It's less about ticking a grade so I don't tend to get as frustrated as I used to...and although I'm still scared of falling sometimes, I definitely have climbs where I don't think about falling at all and I'm pretty much leading everything and remembering the "coins in the mental bank" analogy. Climbing is starting to be less and less externally motivated by grades and more internally motivated so I'm having a lot more fun. Just thought you'd like to know that the stuff we learnt at the climbing camps are still helping us in our climbing now (including the pre-climb safety assessments which we're still doing now). So, thanks for everything!"
  • Two years later: "I'm in Kalymnos and I thought of you guys today. I sent my first 7c [27] (Sirene at Odyssey) today and I remembered the journey to get over the hurdle of leading two years ago. Rodellar seems like such a long time ago but I'm sure you were both instrumental in this journey."

Kalymnos 2010

  • "Above and beyond all expectations." 
  • "Best. Holiday. Ever!" 
  • "I would be surprised if any other holiday even compares"
  • "I really liked the coach being up on the climb next to me."
  • "I was very happy with the coaching - lots of individual input on mental as well as physical aspects of climbing"
  • "Watching video of myself climbing whilst Lee provided analysis was really powerful - I could see things I'd been told previously but never had a picture to match to so just never truly understood. That helped me to then self correct when next climbing."
  • "Many fond memories, very hard to pick between the genuine good wishes from people when I had special success, the trip reports which make you feel really special, and the feel of my hands and feet on such solid rock." 
  • Q: What can we do to improve? A: "Not much, it was perfect" A: "Nothing springs to mind" A: "Everything was beautifully executed" A: "Don't change anything."

Vietnam 2009

  • "Probably the best rock I've ever been on."
  • "Only problem is the trip was too short!"
  • "The best thing I got from the trip is the (reoccuring) realisation that there is too much to do and not enough time to do it in. Work is gay."

Hawkesbury 2009

  • "Fretted Pom (23) and Sea Monsters (22) were the best climbing experiences I have had ever."

Kalymnos 2008

  • "I just want to go back. Put myself to sleep at night thinking about the rock and the routes."
  • "I don't think the Kaly trip could have been improved on!"
  • "It was good value for us, because I'm at a stage in my life where I would rather pay someone else to take on all the organisation hassles..."
  • "The best thing was spending all day doing what I love best, in a perfect location, and spending all my time in the company of people who share the same passion - doesn't come any better!"
  • Q: What was the best thing you got from the trip? A: "Understanding more about my learning style and recall modality, and the volume of climbing - these factors I believe caused me to be climbing more capably on my return, which is the key benefit of the trip and the outcome I desired."
  • "I had a great time, and my climbing improved. I have every intention of signing on for the [next] Kaly trip..." (and she did!)