CoachWise series by Dave MacLeod

Let's face it, good info is good info. And climbing coach and professional climber from Scotland Dave MacLeod has written a number of pieces recently which I think need a wider audience. In my opinion, these articles are well worth reading, and it's possible that you could really make a breakthrough as a result.

Dave's philosophies are very similar to mine, and you'll see very similar messages coming through in in his writings as the ones I preach here at Upskill.

CoachWise Part One:
Using momentum, the tyranny of strength, the "big three" things to train

CoachWise Part Two:
What you do, you become, finding the motivation to work hard, plateau busting, the power of positive people, the truth about famous climbers, finger strength

CoachWise Part Three:
Bad habits, bad shoes, fear of falling

Enjoy! And check out Dave's site if you haven't done so before.