Beastmaker doth come!

Over the oceans, around the world. Washed ashore like a piece of driftwood comes a wand of magical properties. Promises of strength echo around the vast reaches of the interweb.

It has arrived at my door.

Others would call it a very expensive piece of wood. I call it Beastmaker.

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I've mounted the Beastmaker on my campus board. This was the position of my Moon Board and I really liked having it there as it allowed me to do some really innovative power/recruitment training I call "On-Off's" which combines the recruitment benefits of campussing with the grip specificity and hypertrophy of fingerboarding.

On-Off's Example 1: Start with your lower hand down low on a campus rung, your upper hand on one of many grip types on the board, and then explode upwards as far as possible with your lower hand, going as high up the campus board as possible, then match.

On-Off's Example 2 (harder): Start hanging with both hands on a low campus rung, campus one hand up onto the board (various grip options), then campus up beyond it in one fluid move as far as possible, then match.

Because the campus board is on an angle of 12°, I needed to build a kickboard to create a vertical mounting surface. This is pretty vital considering the Beastmaker has 45° slopers to hang! (these are NAILS, I haven't come close - yet!). The wood feels so nice to train on. I look forward to many sessions with my new toy.

The old much loved Moon Board got the heave ho over to The Coffin.


Gareth said...

Can you one arm off the shallow slopey two finger pockets yet?

Lee said...

Apparently that's a font 8c project =) Get this though, some UK dude has campusssed from those pockets to the 45's - no tricks! Seriously unbelievable!

Lee said...

...And the Beasty Boys inform me that Dave Barrans (UK) has 1 armed the 45 degree sloper with no tricks!