Summit cave project progress

It was a bit of a warm one, but I spent Saturday arvo pitted against my Summit Cave project on Tibro. It was my fifth day on the route and I made surprisingly good progress - much better than I would have thought. The last time I was on it was three weeks ago, and that day was the first day I managed to pull the crux move, and had then done all the moves on the route. This time I linked from the ground (such that it is up there in the sky) to the beginning of the crux cleanly. Wasn't expecting that! Especially since I haven't climbed on rock in three weeks due to bad weather and other commitments. But I had been having really great training sessions on the woody with some personal bests in power. In anticipation of trying this route and with the Hawkesbury Trip looming, I recently switched focus back to power endurance to tune up my ability to keep on keeping on.

The crux of this route with its compression moves is not unlike the start crux of Evil Wears No Pants (30), except with Evil, it's right off the deck, and this one comes after about 10m of very powerful climbing. I've realised, to succeed on this route, I'll need to be super efficient on the climbing up to the crux, getting as much back on the rests as I can, so I get there feeling as fresh as possible. When that happens, I'll be in with a chance!