Resting is hard

Since my climbing highlight a little over a week ago, I have decided to enforce a two-week rest period on myself. I've already broken it with a little bouldering yesterday but that doesn't count. Pfft - bouldering!

In the month leading up to my FA of Shadenfreude, I did 17 days either on the rock, or training. For me, that's a lot of volume. Perhaps the most I've ever done. So it makes sense that after such a buildup and great peak, I should take some time to rest.

Resting is often overlooked but is a vital part of the training process. It allows the body recover from the demands of training, micro-injuries to heal, and energy levels to cycle down and then back up again in preparation for the next phase.

I am a firm believer in "if you're feeling good, go for it" and the opposite is also true. If you're tired and feel out of sorts, a nice solid rest is likely exactly what you need to recharge the batteries.

It's never exactly fun though.

Rest day in camp in the Blue Mountains © E Smits 2004