Kalymnos climbing holiday - you're invited!

Thinking about a Kalymnos climbing holiday this year?

This is an invite to come along with us this November (2008) on the Upskill Climbing Coaching Holiday to the Greek Isle of Kalymnos, home of some of the finest sport climbing in the world.

Who would this trip be ideal for?

  1. You're keen but have never been to Kalymnos before...
    We've sorted everything out for the climbing group. Deluxe accommodation on Kalymnos right near the climbing areas, all food and transport on the island is included. We know all the areas and will get you on the best routes.

  2. You would like to climb in a group...
    This trip will be a group of 10 people. All experienced lead climbers keen to push themselves, learn, explore, get better and have fun. Climbing in a social group is great - there's always something fun to watch while you're de-pumping!

  3. You don't have a climbing partner sorted...
    If you need someone to climb with, this would be a perfect choice. We'll be mixing and matching climbing partners as we go.

  4. You want to improve your climbing...
    There will be a coaching component to the trip (yep, I'm a climbing coach!). I'll be on hand each day to poke, prod, jab, encourage, cheer, ropegun, point, yell beta, and generally run around like a chook with my head cut off to ensure everyone is pushing themselves and improving.
Sound interesting? Got some more questions? Firstly check out the trip website and send me an email - the details are on the site.

This invite is open to any keen climber anywhere in the world.

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