Upskill Climbing Coaching Videos

So here's some ideas for exercises you might like to put into your own training. Our Upskill Climbing Coaching 'model climber' in these exercises is Garry the machine. Thanks Gaz.

Assisted One Arm Lock-Off

Why they're good: You're building lock-off power, and also firing the muscles eccentrically (during the downward motion) which is a good thing. This is the exercise to do if you want to build up to a one arm pullup.

Eccentric Pulldowns

Why they're good: These are a favourite for building power. Your muscles are being put under greater than bodyweight stress as they are lengthening throughout the eccentric phase.


Why they're good: It's a pullup variation exercise. Locking off at 90 and 120 degrees is tough, especially when you're tired. Try doing a few of these in a row without resting.

Pushup Flys

Why they're good: Pushups are always a good exercise for climbers because we have a tendency to overdevelop our lats and shoulders and not develop the pecs enough which causes a muscular imbalance, and bad posture to boot. Adding flys with weights causes instability in the core, so the core has to fire hard to maintain tension through the body, which is fantastic for climbers.