FA - Semtex

So I had wedding duties this weekend. New shoes, pimped up suit, the whole bit. But I did manage to sneak away for a few hours. There was a project I equipped earlier in the year at Ninderry but struggled with it due to some slick holds on the crux which summer did not agree with. I was hoping cooler conditions might be the trick.

Unfortunately when we arrived it was a waterfall up top and the final six metres was soaked. We didn't have a backup plan, so forged on regardless, and with the assistance of lots of chalk and rags, we got it dry enough to climb. Most of the crux holds were dry, but the easier top section remained very wet. Spicy!

Luckily as the day ticked away the route got slightly more dry, and eventually a breeze kicked in and we got a tiny window of perfect conditions. I pounced and managed to get it done. Psyched! Another one in the bag.

Semtex 15m 29
Really cool low dyno (unless you're Long-arms Schimke), then a baffling upper crux which I solved with some knee-trickery. Hard to grade as the sequence is short, but hard/bizarre.

Slipping off the still-spoogy crux hold.
I actually did hold it this time. Between the knee and a slight pinch, it's just enough to stay on.
When you do it well it looks like this.
The top section. Hopefully a formality from here, but maybe not if it's dripping with water.