Kalymnos 2 Week Photo Essay

Just arrived home in Oz so we're going for a full Joe Kinder/Coletteloc style photo dump from the last two weeks in Kalymnos. Some of these don't even fit on this blog template. You know what? I don't care, it's art.

Enjoy the eye candy.

Lee, Hogo Fogo 7c flash
Kre, Island In The Sun 7a+

Kre, Biloute 7a

Have you been to Olympic Wall? It's awesome, especially when it's cold.

Danny, King Cobra 7c+.
It's not every day I can say I put the gear up for Hayden Kennedy.

Kaly medal

The Coaches! Lee and Robbie.
Sam, Ciao Vecio 6c

Kre, Fouska 7a

The fingers of Robbie Phillips, hand model.                                                                  .
My biggest effort send of the trip, Sardonique 8a.

Sam, Pterodactyl 6b+


Danny, Houftasaurus 7b
Me. Time for tape.
Fred, Fossil Wall 6c

Advanced rigging? WTF?                                                                             .
My hardest send on rainy last day - Punto Caramelo 8a+. Click this to enjoy it more.
Danny celebrates
Matt Nance, Rendez With Platon 8a+/b
Lee, St Saavas 7b+ onsight
Team Oz: Lee, Sam, Danny
Thanks Kaly.

Gotta love the big trips away. Kaly 2011 was one to remember. These trips fuel my psyche for training hard at home, devising interesting local projects to keep motivation high, and working hard for $$$ to fund the next adventure.

Bring on the next one.