Tribute to a cool hold

You know when you see a particular rock feature and you just really want to climb it? Well, with this hold at Mt Coolum it was love at first sight. I knew I wanted to hang off it. And I can tell you, it is just as good, and fun, as it looks.

Welcome to The David Lee Roth (25/7b). Or the Wrath Of David Lee?

And 25. Who doesn't like a good 25?

To hang off this cool hold, climb up The David Low Way (if you dare) and then climb up out. And if you're feeling stumped by the first crux, well, might as well jump.

Did you know David Lee Roth was a climber?
If you're under 30 do you actually know who he is?


jj said...

I had to click and watch it again.
Eddie embraces the synth, to the shock of his fretted fans, but makes amends with one of flash guitar history's legendary solos. DLR explores his feminine side and crawls to the camera, even before Madona, decades before Shakira, and some other guy dresses in orange.
Big hair, flash guitar, STD's, fun times.
You too should get to Coolum and get on "The David Lee Roth".
I did, and I'm still jumping.