Red Tag Scumbags

My friend Will Monks decided to move from Victoria to Queensland. He moved his family up, got a house, got settled, bolted a great project on Mt Coolum, and then decided to immediately relocate to the Blue Mountains. Nobody knows why. I suspect it may have to do with the hygiene habits of his Queenslander climbing partners.

At the Coolum Sendfest, I peered across and saw the red tag was still on, swaying in the breeze mockingly. I emailed Will asking his intentions with the project. Would he come back and finish it, or would he open it for all comers to try?

In answer, and to make it fair for everyone, he posted an "Open For Business" announcement on qurank, the Queensland Climbing Forum. The race was on. We drove the 1hr 45min the very next morning and I raced up the hill expecting a queue. A first ascent going begging! Surely the hoards would be swarming all over it?

I needn't have worried. We were the first at the cliff and on the second try after some chalking and brushing, I sent the new route at the modest grade of 26/7b+. It has some of the wildest holds of any route, anywhere - just see the photo below.

Will did all the hard work, he has naming rights.

Thanks Will, you're a gentleman.

Will has named the route Nuts In High Places

Tee: CLIMB T-shirt by boulders+nuts
Shorts: Thailand Billabong knock-off's
Left leg: New, Hybrid Kneebar Pad by Upskill Climbing
Right leg: Upskill Undersock and Friction Kneebar Pad
Harness: BD Chaos
Shoes: Andrea Boldrini Talisman Lace