Video: The Apprentice

Our latest film sees young Queensland climber Matt Schimke well outside his comfort zone on the power endurance testpiece Beautiful Thing (28/7c+) at The Pulpit. Matt has only been climbing since 2008 but rapidly progressed through the grades culminating in his 2010 ascent of Evil Wears No Pants (30/8a+) at Mount Coolum. Still in school, with a mad obsession for climbing and no car has seen Matt's efforts concentrated at Mt Coolum, his local crag. The local style is super steep and chock full of kneebars and other tricks. All his hardest sends have been at Mt Coolum. This has been the first time he's ventured onto a hard project a long way from the comfort of his 'local'. The angle is new, the style is new. Grades don't matter now. It's just you against your weaknesses. And the fiercest battleground is in the mind. Enjoy. 


Aaron said...

A great clip Lee. I can associate with it rather well. You've captured the mind journey that the Pulpit dishes out perfectly. Nice to see the young fella struggling for a change too ;-)