Ethan Pringle - Spicy Dumpling 5.14d Photoshoot

I've just this minute returned to Hong Kong after a whirlwind four day trip to Yangshou, China. John O'Brien (JJ) and I headed here with our crew to just get a taste of the limestone on offer. We weren't dissapointed.

We were also pleased to have the opportunity to shoot pics of Ethan Pringle cleaning up an old Chris Sharma project (Dumpling of all Evil) at White Mountain which has now been dubbed Spicy Dumpling. At 5.14d, 9a, 35 whatever you want to call it, it's haaard and impressive, and clocks in as China's hardest climb.

After watching Ethan break a hold two moves from success two days earlier (see the falling shot below), I knew thre route was going to be in the bag. The best shots we've reserved for print, but here's some of the B-roll shots from JJ and I...

Tiny holds and very steep

Huge moves

A broken hold two moves from success

Hanging from one foot for a rest - nice!

The one foot hang

So far, the news of Ethan's ascent is out on:
I also shot a stack of HD video of Keller Rinuado battling the wicked China Climb 8c and clocking up some serious airtime! Seriously! The edit of this will be out soon [edit: it's here!].