Kalymnos 2010 - Trip Report 10 (Dolphin Bay)

We awoke to another perfect day. After our big day at Poets, we aimed to downshift and do some volume. On the menu was the rather unassuming looking Dolphin Bay. Located on a headland near Kastelli, this white marble cliff requires either a steep scramble on scree, or an abseil to access. We chose the abseil for some extra spice. Some of the group hadn't abseiled for ages, so we did some rigging practice and set up different methods with autoblocks, Grigris, ATC's, munter hitches etc. All good learning.

While the cliff looks a bit ho-hum, it hides some real gems. The easy routes here are of great quality and during 2009, a whole stack of new routes got bolted, so there's now about 40 to choose from.

Ronsley and Lena really enjoyed their time on Wisteria Lane 5c+ to begin the day. A great route on featured white marble with an overhang to overcome up top. Lena in particular really styled it. I went crazy with the camera all day as the blue background of the ocean contrasted so starkly against the white rock. I love sea cliffs! I'm going to not write much and instead let the pics do the talking...

Andy against the sea on Trokrakhan 6a+

Sam put in a great effort to flash the sequency Baklava Maniac 6b. Ronsley also really enjoyed this route. His route of the day. He did seven routes I think.

Ruth battled through and redpointed Trokrakhan 6a+. I like this landscape shot.

Me playing around on the slippery Kalymnian Lightning 6b+. And for the record, no, this is not photoshopped.

Dave and I had fun on this route. It's mostly an overhung crack route up slick polished limestone. Being down quite close to the water, it cops the salt spray, and the main challenge of the route was to not have your feet blow off the holds as you laybacked with various levels of desperation. Dave was blowing like a chimney up there with his feet skittering around like a cartoon character. You can see the steam coming out of his ears in this next shot...

Nearly there Dave!

The furthest left route on the wall necessitated belaying from a low rock platform. You can see Sam down there belaying as Andy onsights Too Fat For Tufas 6a. The tide was slowly on the rise and the shelf was getting more and more wet from the waves. It was more exciting belaying than climbing I think. At least it was for me when belaying Sam. When she was at about the fourth bolt, a HUGE wave pounded over the top of the rocks and drenched me and the rope utterly, while the group looked on from their dry perch just above. Much laughter!

So the verdict on Dolphin Bay for an easier day of climbing by the sea - total winner. 10 out of 10 eh Dave?