Coolum 2009/10 Summer Wrap-Up

By Lee Cujes and Matt Schimke

South East Queensland is an interesting place to climb. It’s generally hotter than the southern states for most of the year, and in summer the humidity rarely gets below 70%. A few years ago, most climbers would just give up and go surfing from October until March, but now we have a place to go — that place is called Mt Coolum.

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From top left, clockwise: Matt Schimke on Weapon Of Choice 27/8, Oliver Rickford on Caught By The Fuzz 25, Matt Schimke on Antipump 27, Matt Schimke on Space Oddity 29, Allan Spadijer, Old Ian Elliot on Three Men and a Ladder 26, Terry. All photos © M Schimke or O Rickford.


Top L quarter clockwise from top L: Sasha Juvan, Lara and Aaron Jones, Helen Day sending Wholly Calamity, John O'Brien and Duncan Steel. Bottom L quarter from L: Lee Cujes on Bite The Hand That Feeds 31, John O'Brien on Evil Wears No Pants 30, Tom O'Halloran, Crag Crew on Australia Day (BBQ included!). Top R quarter: John O'Brien on Evil Wears No Pants 30. Bottom R quarter: Antoine Moussette. All pics © L Cujes except the one of me courtesy C Glastonbury.


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