How Christmas killed the climber

Have you ever noticed that when you take a break from climbing (or exercise in general), it becomes harder and harder to get motivated to start again?

I just had three weeks off over Christmas. Between being out of the state, away from home, other family obligations, then being sick for a week, the time flew by. With me getting grumpier by the day (climbing/exercise is definitely linked to happiness). I told myself I didn't mind because the weather was crap (hot and/or raining). But now here I am and it's time to get moving again. And it's a struggle!

It's tempting to think "I'll just wait till all this dies down and I have some time to train again". When really, the best thing to do is go down to the gym and snatch a quick session. Something is always better than nothing. During this time, you need to mentally shift into "maintenance mode" rather than "performance mode" and realise that it doesn't take much training for the body to maintain its current level, but it does take a lot of work to increase that level.

Even if conditions are crap, you're busy, or have a face full of ham, it's better to do the odd short, mediocre session now, than let a month slip by without doing anything. Honest, you'll thank me later. Now scram - go train!


Aaron said...

I agree with your thoughts about "maintenance mode" Lee. Much easier to maintain a level than slip below it and have to fight twice as hard to get back up there!