Evil Wears No Pants - 3rd ascent

On the weekend, top Aussie climbers Vince and Helen Day made a flying visit to the cave at Coolum.

After a quick warm up, Vince smoothly onsighted the long and pumpy Wholly Calamity 26/7, the first onsight of this route. Helen also dispatched Wholly Calamity without much fuss. Vince then turned his focus onto Evil Wears No Pants 30 (8a+). With support from the locals, Vince made quick work of sussing all the moves, before moving into redpoint mode. On the second day, it all came together and Vince completed the third ascent of the route, which he described as "The best route outside NSW I've been on [in Oz]". He confirmed the grade at "Hard 30".

It's always fantastic to have climbers from out of state travelling up to Queensland to climb our hard routes. It helps us to bed down grades, and get a bit of outside perspective, not to mention motivation!

Vince locking horns with Evil © L Cujes 2010