Watch Tommy train. And talk about stuff.

Everyone knows Tommy Caldwell. He chopped a bit of his finger off (for weight saving?) but climbs like a man possessed. He seems to do everything well (bouldering, sport climbing, trad, bigwall), and because of this and his seemingly neverending supply of motivation, he is the man at the forefront of freeing massive routes on El Cap. Here, thanks to Cedar Wright we get a glimpse into some of the training he does.

A Day in The Life of Tommy Caldwell from Cedar Wright on Vimeo.


Glen said...

thats interesting that he boulders so much. I guess I would have thought he was focusing more on endurance given his day ascents. Very counter intuitive.

Adam said...

He is a source of constant inspiration. He has an awesome attitude and respect for the mountains. He works super hard with huge goals in mind. I love the guy!