Protein after climbing for muscular recovery

I think this is my first post on nutrition. It's an important topic, and one I'll do a bit more on in the future.

Ever had a training session so intense that your muscles felt beat up the next day? Well, our Upskill sessions typically are this intense. So, what can we do to improve our recovery, and increase our strength gains?

The idea is to consume a protein serve (especially with branched chain amino acids [BCAA]) within 15 minutes of the session ending. This can be in powder, bar or tablet form. At the moment, I'm using a protein powder which is marketed for 'recovery'. Go to your health food store and ask for some options around a muscular recovery supplement. Try (in vain?) not to get overwhelmed with the options. Avoid anything marketed for weight gain or bulking!

Our training is intense, and muscles will naturally want to catabolize (rupture and tear). This protein hit directly following the session helps to prevent this and will improve your muscular recovery (you'll feel better the next day). I actually take along my protein serve to the cliff and have it after my last hard route of the day. Helps keep the hunger at bay too, until I can make it to the shop at Kalbar for icecream healthy snacks.

Let me know (in the comments) what you find, or if you already have a favourite recovery supplement.

What about Carbohydrates?

Protein is important, but you also need to replenish carbohydrate stores, and here are some example of suitable post-workout food...
Male Climber
(Target 60-80 g carbohydrate)
Female Climber
(Target 40-50 g carbohydrate)

  • *200 g fruit yoghurt + jam sandwich
  • *200 g fruit yoghurt + cereal bar + 250 ml juice
  • *200 ml liquid meal supplement + 1 large banana
  • *sports bar + 500 ml sports drink
  • *200 ml flavoured milk + cereal bar + banana
  • 750-1000 ml sports drink

  • *200 g fruit yoghurt + cereal bar
  • *200 g fruit yoghurt + banana
  • *200 ml liquid meal supplement
  • *sports bar
  • *200 ml flavoured milk + cereal bar
  • 750 ml sports drink
  • *indicates a valuable source of protein, vitamins and minerals in addition to carbohydrate. Additional fluid such as water, sports drink, juice, cordial or soft drink will also be necessary.

    Other resources:
    General nutrition post by Kris Hampton, Power Climbing Company


    Anonymous said...

    Deep fried Mars bars, North Nowra chip shop

    Pommy J

    Anonymous said...

    I think you'll find protein doesn't just come in pill, powder or bar form. You can try eating a lump of flesh or a glass of milk as well.
    Neil M

    Lee said...

    There's a few reasons to avoid the flesh and milk option.
    1. Milk contains under 5% protein. And only 20% of that protein is the easily digestible whey protein. Plus you'd need to have skim to avoid the fat.
    2. Meat contains 20-30% protein. Again the protein is not super digestible (compared to supplements) and you would have to eat at least 100g to get your serve. Try tuna if you want to go the meat option.