Kiwi girl Mayan ticks 33!

Amazing stuff. Strong Kiwi chick Mayan Smith-Gobat has just climbed L’arcademicien in Ceuse in France at the whopping grade of 8c or 33. It was the first female ascent of the route, and the first 33 for a Kiwi woman. In fact, there would only be a couple of Kiwi men who have climbed this grade.

The 30 year old full-time climber has been in Ceuse for some time now, ticking her way through a host of routes in the 29-32 bracket, building a base for this, her finest achievement to date.

This is a world class achievement, but even more so for a climber from the southern hemisphere.

As Mayan hasn't got comments enabled on her blog (come on, let us leave comments Mayan!) let me just say - well done Mayan, thanks for the inspiration!

Mayan on L'arcademicien 8c
© Smith-Gobat collection


jj said...

That's ridiculously thin. Nice photo. She's well ahead of that other Kiwi girl Matt Eaton.