Openings for training at Upskill

We've got a few openings at the moment for 2-on-1 personal training sessions at the Upskill woody. If you and a friend are keen to get smashed for an hour a week, or even every two weeks, check out the link and get in touch. Training with a friend will get you both psyched and save you money. Don't have a training partner? Get in touch and we can help hook you up.

We've also released a couple of new products for this year, the Upskill Weakness Assessment and the Upskill Improvement Pack.

The one hour Weakness Assessment is perfect for those climbers wanting to identify the areas they need to focus on to improve their climbing. Perfect for busting out of that rut. And the good news? Anyone can do this regardless of experience level. Check it out.

The three hour (over three weeks) Improvement Pack builds on what we learn in a weakness assessment to deliver two intense, focused personal training sessions where you'll actually work your weaknesses and learn HOW to train yourself. Perfect to tune up the engine without a long term commitment and outlay. Check it.

On the Upskill Trips front, we are again seeking team members for the Upskill Kalymnos Training Camp in April 2010. Read the blurb. If you're keen, don't leave it too late to register your interest because after the mega trip we had last year, it's already filling up! Email me.

Finally, we've got some new designs in the Upskill climbing clothing range. Check 'em out and if you want anything you can order directly on the site and they'll be on your doorstep within two weeks.

Happy climbing, be strong!