Let Ondra get you psyched to train

15 year old Adam Ondra is the best climber in the world. His ticklist for just six days climbing in Kalymnos last month would have placed him in the #3 position for the year. That is, in six days in a place he'd never been to before, he climbed better than every other climber (bar two) has in the past 12 months at all crags, total!

Just in case you need some inspiration to train finger strength, here he is repeating Corona, a grade 9a+/36 route in the Jura....

Adam Ondra repeating Markus Bock's Corona, 9a+ (grade 36) in Frankenjura © Vojtech Vrzba 2009

And if you'd like to read a little more about Adam and a few tactical and technical aspects about his climbing style, check out the short interview on 8a.nu.


jj said...

Is his quickdraw all arse-about?

Lee said...

I think his draw is okay, but there's also a single biner clipped into the hanger.