Brooyar long weekend report

Brooyar guide updated again. Lots went on on the weekend. Who wasn't there? Man, so many climbers.

At Eagle's...
- Graham Page did the FFA of Central to Blackheath 24 in the brown alcove. I repeated.
- Sam did the FFA of Miss Manners 15, just right of Miss Kandy Kane. This will see more traffic than the Gateway on peak hour.
- I did the FFA of a route up the big orange scoop left of MKK. Fatman Scoop 22. Happy to upgrade if there are objections. As I was fixing the anchors and had a bird's eye view, I watched Joe Driver pitch off the final corner in spectacular fashion.

At Point Pure...
- Joe sent his first new route, Orange Flavoured Hand Grenade and gave it 22. As it's short, it will be veeery popular. People love short routes.
- There was a nasty accident on Coco Pops 15, see the accident report.

At Wolf's Lair...
- Graham has equipped something futuristic near Carnivore.

At Hanuman's Hangout...
- I actually went there finally! I did all the routes, some nice roofing to be had. It's also worth noting that it's really easy to simply walk here from Black Stump. Three minutes tops.

At Black Stump...
- Glenn and Tim (current and past Upskillers) did 21 routes between them in a day.
- Dave and Ruth (also Upskillers from Kaly 08) probably weren't far behind.
- Matt Schimke did his best to upset the buttress numbering system.


I did a rogue new route on a 15m high freestanding breadknife pillar! Check it out. More on that at a later date.

New pillar route first ascent © S Cujes 2009