What Would Sharma Do?

Climbing on the weekend was a battle. Woke up on Saturday to pouring rain and the radar looked crap. So easy to bail and go back to sleep. No. Drove to the crag through rain and mist. Walked up the hill through long wet grass, getting soaked. Arrived at the cliff with mist pushing against the wall.

The best thing we did was institute a rule that the climber was not allowed to complain about the conditions on his route (bad friction, damp holds). You were only allowed to say that it was 'hard'. Needless to say things were pretty damn 'hard'. On my last shot on my project it started raining, heavily. Thank god for steep routes.

But, do you think persevering made us stronger, or weaker?



jj said...

I'm with you on this one, not so much about the rain but our own local issue of heat and humidity.

All through summer I turned up regardless of the conditions, there was only one day I actually complained about it. I regret that.

Lance Armstrong had the same rules, ride the course everyday no matter what the conditions.