Kalymnos 2008 - Trip Report 2

It's been a stonking couple of days, and we're all in need of our rest day today.

Two days ago it was Odyessey Sector. Susy put in some serious effort on a nice steep route - four shots, true redpointing tactics. Dave almost flashed a steepo 6c, and ticked everything else first try. Ruth was on the sharp end on the classic Laertes 5c, and Sam spent time projecting a steepo 6b+ which will be her hardest lead when she ticks. I onsighted a bunch of 7a things (I've nearly onsighted the whole right side of the cliff now) and put two more shots into Marci Marc 7c+ which is exploiting my current lack of focus on endurance! Hehe! :)

Lee burning on the supreme enduro pumpfest of Marci Marc 7c+ (28), Odyssey Sector. (c) Sam Cujes 2008.

Sam rehearses the sequence of her project at Odyssey.

Yesterday it was one of my favourite sectors - Spartacus! A shady, breezy, overhung bowl. It was a tip top day - Susy projected and sent the super long tufa line of the cliff, Les Amazones 6c. Ruth gave an awesome display, dispatching the 37m long Tales Of Greek Heroes 6b+, grades harder than her previous best. You only just make it down on the stretch of a 70m rope on this sucka! We did a rope clipping workshop to smarten up some sketchy clips for us all and practice some good techniques. Dave did everything first try, and I flashed the namesake of the crag, Spartacus 7b+ (26) and was staring directly at the anchors on the onsight of Tatziki 7c (27). No clipping hold! And the most exciting chapter of the day involved Sam who was punching it on the hard, pumpy overhung-ish Harikari and was well out from her last bolt and decided to throw to a big hold above the next clip, peeled, squealed and took a monster fall on vertical terrain - 6m+. This was a huge mental breakthrough. The whole crag let out a big "OOHHHH!" She's going hard.

Ruth ticking Tales Of Greek Heroes 6b+ (21), Spartacus Sector. (c) Lee Cujes 2008.

Some well deserved drinks as the sun sets for Team Kalymnos.