Let your climbing out of its box

A thought from Sonnie Trotter, responsible for Cobra Crack, one of the hardest trad lines around. This was posted today on his blog...

"Boulderers tend to make quick work of hard sport climbs, sport climbers make quick work of hard trad lines, hard trad climbers make quick work of big wall free climbs, (I.E. Tommy Caldwell) and Big Wall free climbers make short work of Patagonian Alpine climbs. And strong Alpine Climbers are nothing short of a GOD. Ever notice Rolo's feet never touch the ground? He hovers yo. I'm serious."

It's something to really think about (he's 100% right by the way, except the hovering part). So often we try to catagorise ourselves and put our climbing in a little box. "I'm a trad climber". "I'm a moderate sport climber". "I just boulder". "I don't do comps". "I'm good at doing this but not that." This kind of thinking is just another way we sabotage our true potential, sticking to the familiar, doing the same old thing. You don't know what you're truly capable of until you try, and the truth is, being proficient in one discipline in climbing is often the perfect foundation and stepping stone to move into another discipline.

So why not try something new? Climbing is supposed to be an adventure.