First ascent of Carnivore (28)

Got up to Brooyar on the weekend and sent Neil's old open project, Carnivore at Wolf's Lair. Can you believe it's been 11 years since it was bolted? I'd been on it back in 2004 but wasn't up to it then.

Here's a pic from back in '04...

So after one memorable mega fall from the top of the route, past the belayer (hi Sam!) into the trees below, I sent it on the second morning. Very short, but punchy and fun. After sending it, I rebolted it with four rings so it's ready to go for hassle-free repeats. I'm suggesting grade 28, see what you think. (See old qurank post about Carnivore here).

I onsighted Graham's Little Wednesday at Black Stump. which I think he's been struggling to grade. So, Graham - I reckon it's 25! :) Fun little route. Same story for Rocky's Pebbles at Point Pure. This had a slash 24/25 grade in the guide, now simply 25. Congrats to Rocky on the bolting of this, really nicely done. An intricate and enjoyable route but still needs miles more cleaning.

Lastly, I eliminated the aid from Tight as a Drum (22 A1) at Point Pure, taking a big fall on the first attempt. Someone may have done this before, who knows. Regardless, it's a hell of a move out to the arete. Let's call it 24.