I'm up to day 5 on the project and progress is encouraging. I'm now getting it in pretty much two sections. And I think because I am thrashing less, I'm not having as many skin issues as previously. Although it would be nice to start having four good shots on it per day rather than three. Anyway, it's all good fun.

New definitions

  1. Smirky: warm and/or non-frictional conditions of any kind or severity. Possibly of New Zealand origin, brought to prominence by Coolum local Mat Eaton.
  2. Perky: the opposite of smirky i.e. good, cool, frictional conditions.
  3. Slurky: a conjunction proposed by Llewellin describing 'lurking slipperiness' i.e. when conditions seem good until you start climbing.

Working the project. This is move #10 of the crux sequence. (c) D Steel 2007