Self flagellation

It's been a big week of climbing for me. Wednesday at Slider (volume), Friday at the Pulpit (projecting and destroying skin) and then Saturday at Coolum (finishing off any remaining skin). Managed to somehow get away with the send of Gareth's Wholly Calamity 27. It's a jug haul the whole way, but being 12m overhung, it's an exercise in simply hanging on endlessly. For JJ, it appears to be an exercise in getting from one kneebar to the next.

After that I was feeling exhausted beyond belief, but I reckon sometimes you have to give yourself a good thrashing. A couple of days rest after a thorough whipping usually leaves me feeling fit and strong. A good remedy for general malaise?

I did grab a few decent snaps of Paul and JJ and they're up on my flickr site: