The Lost Boys Part 2 - Recon Day

Sunday was a hell day. It went something like this:

  • drive to mt warning (2 hours)
  • walk in to cliff with heavy packs (2.5 hours) - dump gear
  • walk to top of cliff (2 hours)
  • find top of route
  • fix 200m of static down to halfway ledge for video/photos (1 hour)
  • rap remaining distance to ground (1 hour)
  • avoid giant python
  • walk out (1.5 hours)
  • drive home (2 hours)
The wall is amazing. Standing at the base, you can only see half of it. It is huge. What I saw of the route included long pitches, much slabbing (bring on the calf pain) and big runouts.

With cooler temperatures and hopefully a breeze, the schedule has been moved up.

D-Day is this coming Sunday! 5 days to go...