Video: Tom O'Halloran repeats The Singularity 32/8b+

While yesterday may have seemed like any other ordinary Tuesday, it wasn't. It was a special day. It was the day Tom O'Halloran snagged the first repeat of my 2009 route, The Singularity. This route at my local crag took me 18 days and 67 attempts and I really poured my life into it for several months. It certainly has special meaning for me and is still the hardest route I have ever done.

The route suited Tom perfectly given his strength in crimpy bouldering. The video doesn't really do justice to how terrible the holds are through the crux. Tom fired the route off on his sixth day of attempts and 17th try overall but on the send, it didn't even look like he was trying. It was satisfying to be the one holding the rope for the send, and a fluke to have remembered to set the camera up on a tripod to capture the genuine send footage.

Given he's onsighted 30's/8a+'s and now climbed 32/8b+ without apparent difficulty, I know he's just getting started. Big things are on the horizon. Have fun in Rocklands Tom, and enjoy the video.


jj said...

Is Tom O'Halloran the best climber in the country?