Video review: Andrea Boldrini climbing shoes in Australia

So I'm pretty psyched.  I put the order in back in February and finally the shipment is here from France.  One very large box of Andrea Boldrini climbing shoes for Upskill Climbing Gear.  Andrea Boldrini shoes are crafted in France and are not well known outside Europe.  In Europe however, they are very high-end, well-regarded shoes.  Their hallmark is incredible performance with incredible comfort.

We're stocking five of what I reckon are the best models they make and below is our review of the top of the line laceup, the Apache Talisman FCS. FCS stands for "Full Contact Sole".  This unusual innovation wraps the rubber from the sole up onto the rand without the traditional hard edge which can deform off micro edges.  More rubber surface area = more stick.  Another Boldrini first which you'll see in the video is their asymmetric lacing system which Boldrini first developed 10 years ago.

Duncan and I are both wearing the Talisman's now, and Duncan has also grabbed a pair of the Evo's which are an amazingly well-fitting velcro boot.  My impression is that the fit is perfect for my foot shape, the materials make them very comfortable and there is zero dead space in the heel.  Killer.  They're also reasonably soft which, for me, encourages a playful, intuitive style.