Strong chicks: Kalymnos guidebook-worthy!

Come to Kalymnos with us and who knows what will happen? End up in the guidebook perhaps?

We shot these pics on the first Upskill Climbing Camp back in 2008.

The camera just loves the girls, wouldn't you agree? So too did Kalymnos guidebook author Aris Theodoropolous who chose to include these pics in the latest 2010 edition. By the way, the 2010 Kalymnos guidebook is the best freakin' guidebook in the world. 360 pages, chock full of pics (maybe 1000+ pics?), good descriptions to get you psyched, accurate topos, sexy layout. All the beta for your holiday. It's awesome. You can buy it at

Susy G-Star Goldner - full page spread on Macabi at Summertime.

This was an unknown crushing chick on Kalydna

Goldner again, this time on Joggel & Toggle, Panorama.

Mrs Upskill (Sam) crushing Ammochohostos Vaselivousa at Summertime