New partnership with boulders+nuts

I've said for a long time that there is a huge gap in the market for good, stylish climbing clothing. Stuff that you could wear to the crag or gym, or equally wear to the movies or just chilling with friends without looking like a damn North Farce clone.

Therefore, I'm super pleased to announce a new partnership with boulders+nuts.

b+n are a small but growing climbing clothing and accessories label out of Germany. They kicked off in 2006 and I gotta say, they're producing the most stylish climbing clothing available right now. Check out a random sample of some of their wares below and see if you're as impressed as me...

So they make good product - no doubt. You know what else I like? They're small. They're passionate. They're actually climbers themselves. Just like Upskill. I really try to support companies where it's evident the passion is still there, it's not just about making a buck.

Up until this point, the b+n athlete team is has been exclusively European, so I'm pretty psyched to be the first international member of the team, representing for Oz.

Their site is a bit quirky, but all the products are there and they ship everywhere. Have a squizz.