Kalymnos 2008 - Trip Report 3

Just a quick update because we're about to go cave-exploring on our rest day.

Two days ago: Early start, Ghost Kitchen. The most amazing features on a redonc, overhanging wall. Amazing photos of Suzy's redpoint of Daphne 6c+, see below. Dave onsighted Resistor 6c+! What the? He's on fire! Sam sent her equal hardest route on lead (6b) third shot. Persistance on a slab, go girl. I ticked a nails 7b on the third try (gah! it was hard) and onsighted 7a+.

Yesterday was Ruth's day! She redpointed a stiff and steep 6a at Odyssey. A personal best. I fell off Marci Marc again (high point), but did my proudest onsight of The Beast, a crazy 7a+ tech slab, way harder than the 7b+s! Mad! You know when you're climbing past bail slings on the bolts you're in trouble. I was off the whole way but somehow kept going up...

Like wrestling a buck deer! Susy deep in the three dimensional crazy world that is Dafni 6c+, Ghost Kitchen.

"Holy crap!!!" Susy is gobsmacked on Dafni 6c+, Ghost Kitchen.

Ruth enjoying the flash of Parasitos 6a+, her hardest lead to date. Ghost Kitchen.