Training presentation on Thursday

I'm doing a presentation on training for climbing at Pinnacle Sports' promo night on Thursday evening (20 September). Come along and learn some stuff, and hit me up with questions.

There will be a slideshow, and my quasi-coherent verbiage of training related stuff.

Entry is free as far as I know. I think they will have some bargains in store as well. And I hear they are serving nibblies - noice!

Pinnacle Sports
Shop 3/160 Musgrave Road
Red Hill, Brisbane
Queensland 4059

Start time: 7:00pm


Rodney Polkinghorne said...

Lee - climbing at one's limit most of the time worked really well for me. I made a point of doing it, and got used to pushing myself. The results: I pushed grade 24 a month after your lecture, then 25 a month after that. Thanks!